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Cheatsheet: VMware VROPS

Cheatsheet: VMware VROPS

1.1 VROPS Web UI

Name Summary
VROPS management pack for container Administrator Menu -> Solutions -> Management Pack
List token auth Administrator -> Management -> Credentials, then check Token Auth items
Get Container adapter ID Administrator->Configuration->Inventory Explorer->Adapter Instances->Kubernetes Adapter Instance->Internal ID
Check container adapter log files Administrator -> Support -> Logs -> MASTER -> collector -> adapters -> KubernetesAdapter
Container and vCenter mapping Environment -> Container Monitoring -> vSphere Host containing Kubernetes Node View
Reference CheatSheet: VMware Wavefront, CheatSheet: VMware VROPS, CheatSheet: vRealize Log Insight


1.2 VROPS Summary

Name Summary
vrops concepts YouTube: VMware vRealize Operations 6 (vSOM)
How vrops talk with cAdvisor for k8s envs? GitHub Link
How to cleanup vrops container service adapters? GitHub Link
vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) pre-sales health check on a customer’s vSphere environment
Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) show the value of vRealize Business for cloud to your customers
vrops token Link: Acquire an Authentication Token
Vrops management pack for container monitoring Download link
vrops enable sshd Link: vRealize Part 7 – Enable SSH on vROPS
vrpos vcenter adpater instance Link: Configure a vCenter Adapter Instance in vRealize Operations Manager
Reference Link: vRealize Operations Manager Documentation
Reference PKS CheatSheet, CheatSheet: VMware Products

1.3 More Resources

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