Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

Cheatsheet: Visual Studio

Cheatsheet: Visual Studio

1.1 Visual Studio Shortcut On Mac

Name Command
Enter command mode Cmd+Shift+P
Find file by searching name Cmd+P
Find file by searching name Ctrl+Shift+F
Go to specific line of one file C-g, then line number

1.2 Visual Studio Summary

Name Command
Show uncommitted changes >Show Uncommitted Changes
Diagnose visual studio issues >doctor:Fix My VS Code
Search by text or name >Omni-search: Open Omi-search
Format code block >Format Document
Open a local file by filepath Ctrl+O
Interactive Smartlog  
From file on the right panel to explorer Right click -> Reveal in Side Bar
Save the context of editing File menu -> Save Workspace As
Visual studio toggle Terminal window Menu -> Window -> Terminal
Scroll back buffer without truncate old lines Preference->Settings, terminal.integrated.scrollback: 1000

1.4 More Resources

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