Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

CheatSheet: Take Flights For Travel

CheatSheet: Take Flights For Travel

1.1 Basic

Item Summary
Check flight status for United Airline Link: Flight status and information

1.2 Checklist: Mandatory

Item Summary
ID driver license, passport, etc.
Toothpaste most hotels don’t provide it now.
Cash Tips for hotels; Or scenarios which won’t take credit cards
Chargers cellphones, laptop, etc.
Slippers be more comfortable on the plane or hotel

1.3 Checklist: International Flights

Item Summary
Pen Might need to fill forms on the plane
Fruits Apples, Oranges, etc
Check-in earlier Choose seats
Earphone Noisy background on plane
Blanket It could cold on the plane
Pillow Sleep well on the flights
Glass protection Sleep well on the flights

1.4 Checklist: Optional

Item Summary
Sport shoes In case of lots of walking.
Tower In case don’t like the ones on hotels
Travel Kit  
Women/Girls special  

1.5 More Resources

License: Code is licensed under MIT License.


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