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Tcpdump Cheatsheet

Tcpdump Cheatsheet

1.1 Tcpdump basic

Name Comment
List all network nics tcpdump -D
Intercepts all eth0 packages tcpdump -i eth0
Intercepts all packages from a src ip tcpdump host
Intercepts lo nic for a given port tcpdump -i lo 'port 8080' -vvv -XX
Intercepts ICMP packets tcpdump -i any -n -v 'icmp'
Saving captured packages to file tcpdump -w myfile.cap
Reading package data from local file tcpdump -r myfile.cap
Monitor udp packets instead of tcp tcpdump 'udp'

1.2 Tcpdump advanced

Name Comment
Intercepts certain ICMP packets tcpdump -n -v 'icmp[icmptype] = icmp-echoreply or icmp[icmptype] = icmp-echo'
Intercepts all SYN packets tcpdump ‘tcp[tcpflags] & tcp-syn != 0’

1.3 More Resources

License: Code is licentcpdump under MIT License.

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