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Rancher Cheatsheet

Rancher Cheatsheet

1.1 Rancher Summary

Name Command
Setup rancher in vagrant GitHub: quickstart/vagrant, admin/admin
Start rancher control plane with container docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 rancher/rancher
Reference Rancher v2.0 Documentation, Rancher Slack, Rancher Forum
Reference YouTube: Rancher Overview, YouTube: Setup Rancher In A Hard Way
Reference OpenShift CheatSheet, Rancher CheatSheet, PKS CheatSheet


1.2 Rancher Components

Name Command
Control plane – rancher Complete container management platform
cli Rancher CLI
VM distro – os Tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers
Storage – longhorn Distributed block storage for Kubernetes

1.3 rancher Concepts

Name Command
Node driver  
Node template  

1.4 rancher Command Line

Name Command
Reference Link: Rancher CLI
Login to cluster rancher login https://<SERVER_URL> --token <BEARER_TOKEN>
Select project rancher context switch
Rancher ssh to vm rancher ssh node-001
Run kubectl command rancher kubectl get nodes

1.5 Rancher Source Code

Name Command
Rancher API Layer GitHub: rancher/norman
Rancher Kubernetes Engine GitHub: rancher/rke, GitHub: rancher/kontainer-engine

1.6 Rancher Footprint

> kubectl get all --all-namespaces
NAMESPACE       NAME                                          READY     STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
cattle-system   pod/cattle-cluster-agent-55897c6cb-xdj96      1/1       Running     0          6m
cattle-system   pod/cattle-node-agent-89jgs                   1/1       Running     0          6m
ingress-nginx   pod/default-http-backend-797c5bc547-669zf     1/1       Running     0          6m
ingress-nginx   pod/nginx-ingress-controller-4gdhf            1/1       Running     0          6m
kube-system     pod/kube-dns-7588d5b5f5-xpfmg                 3/3       Running     0          6m
kube-system     pod/kube-dns-autoscaler-5db9bbb766-kdhdn      1/1       Running     0          6m
kube-system     pod/kube-flannel-x686d                        2/2       Running     0          6m
kube-system     pod/metrics-server-97bc649d5-8pf7f            1/1       Running     0          6m
kube-system     pod/rke-ingress-controller-deploy-job-7wn5h   0/1       Completed   0          6m
kube-system     pod/rke-kubedns-addon-deploy-job-2pzw6        0/1       Completed   0          6m
kube-system     pod/rke-metrics-addon-deploy-job-69zxc        0/1       Completed   0          6m
kube-system     pod/rke-network-plugin-deploy-job-bv4jc       0/1       Completed   0          6m

NAMESPACE       NAME                           TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)         AGE
default         service/kubernetes             ClusterIP       <none>        443/TCP         7m
ingress-nginx   service/default-http-backend   ClusterIP   <none>        80/TCP          6m
kube-system     service/kube-dns               ClusterIP      <none>        53/UDP,53/TCP   6m
kube-system     service/metrics-server         ClusterIP     <none>        443/TCP         6m

NAMESPACE       NAME                                      DESIRED   CURRENT   READY     UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   NODE SELECTOR   AGE
cattle-system   daemonset.apps/cattle-node-agent          1         1         1         1            1           <none>          6m
ingress-nginx   daemonset.apps/nginx-ingress-controller   1         1         1         1            1           <none>          6m
kube-system     daemonset.apps/kube-flannel               1         1         1         1            1           <none>          6m

NAMESPACE       NAME                                   DESIRED   CURRENT   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
cattle-system   deployment.apps/cattle-cluster-agent   1         1         1            1           6m
ingress-nginx   deployment.apps/default-http-backend   1         1         1            1           6m
kube-system     deployment.apps/kube-dns               1         1         1            1           6m
kube-system     deployment.apps/kube-dns-autoscaler    1         1         1            1           6m
kube-system     deployment.apps/metrics-server         1         1         1            1           6m

NAMESPACE       NAME                                              DESIRED   CURRENT   READY     AGE
cattle-system   replicaset.apps/cattle-cluster-agent-55897c6cb    1         1         1         6m
ingress-nginx   replicaset.apps/default-http-backend-797c5bc547   1         1         1         6m
kube-system     replicaset.apps/kube-dns-7588d5b5f5               1         1         1         6m
kube-system     replicaset.apps/kube-dns-autoscaler-5db9bbb766    1         1         1         6m
kube-system     replicaset.apps/metrics-server-97bc649d5          1         1         1         6m

NAMESPACE     NAME                                          DESIRED   SUCCESSFUL   AGE
kube-system   job.batch/rke-ingress-controller-deploy-job   1         1            6m
kube-system   job.batch/rke-kubedns-addon-deploy-job        1         1            6m
kube-system   job.batch/rke-metrics-addon-deploy-job        1         1            6m
kube-system   job.batch/rke-network-plugin-deploy-job       1         1            6m

1.7 Rancher CLI Help

Denny > ./rancher --help
Rancher CLI, managing containers one UTF-8 character at a time

Usage: rancher [OPTIONS] COMMAND [arg...]

Version: v2.0.5

  --debug        Debug logging
  --help, -h     show help
  --version, -v  print the version

  apps, [app]              Operations with apps
  catalog                  Operations with catalogs
  clusters, [cluster]      Operations on clusters
  context                  Operations for the context
  inspect                  View details of resources
  kubectl                  Run kubectl commands
  login, [l]               Login to a Rancher server
  namespaces, [namespace]  Operations on namespaces
  nodes, [node]            Operations on nodes
  projects, [project]      Operations on projects
  ps                       Show workloads in a project
  settings, [setting]      Show settings for the current server
  ssh                      SSH into a node
  up                       apply compose config
  help, [h]                Shows a list of commands or help for one command

Run 'rancher COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.

1.8 More Resources

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