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CheatSheet: Perforce Source Code

CheatSheet: Perforce Source Code

1.1 Perforce Basic

Name Summary
Download Perforce CLI Client Link: Download Helix Command-Line Client (P4)
Download Perforce GUI Client Link: Download Helix Visual Client (P4V)

1.2 Perforce Workflow

Name Summary
Config file .p4config
Validate p4 config file ls -lth $P4CONFIG
Login to system p4 login
Create a new P4 client p4 client
Sync source code p4 sync
Edit a file p4 edit $file_path
Add a file p4 add $file_path
See files open for edit p4 opened
Generate CLN p4 change
Update an existing CLN p4 change $CLN
Generate a review link /build/apps/bin/post-review $CLN
Resolve conflict p4 resolve
Check-in the change after review p4 submit -c $CLN
Check-in the change after review p4 shelve -c $CLN -d, =p4 submit -c $CLN

1.3 Perforce Issues

Name Summary
6 Failures Of Perforce Submission If submit succeeds, files should be removed from shelf and changelist shown as ‘submitted’

1.4 p4 online help

-bash-4.1$ p4 help

    Perforce -- the Fast Software Configuration Management System.

    p4 is Perforce's client tool for the command line.  Try:

        p4 help simple          list most common commands
        p4 help commands        list all standard commands
        p4 help command         help on a specific command

        p4 help administration  help on specialized administration topics
        p4 help charset         help on character set translation
        p4 help configurables   list server configuration variables
        p4 help environment     list environment and registry variables
        p4 help filetypes       list supported file types
        p4 help jobview         help on jobview syntax
        p4 help networkaddress  help on network address syntax
        p4 help revisions       help on specifying file revisions
        p4 help streamintro     introduction to streams
        p4 help usage           generic command line arguments
        p4 help views           help on view syntax
        p4 help replication     help on specialized replication topics
        p4 help dvcs            help on decentralized Perforce configurations

        p4 help legal           legal and license information

    The full user manual is available at

    Server 2018.2/1740258.

1.5 More Resources

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