Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

CheatSheet: Well-Known Papers For IT Industry

CheatSheet: Well-Known Papers For IT Industry

1.1 Well-Known IT Papers: Distributed System

Num Name Summary
1 Dynamo – HA K/V store paper
2 MapReduce paper
3 Kafka – distributed messageing system paper
4 Chubby – Lock service paper
5 Cassandra – Decentralized storage paper
6 Cache paper
7 Bigtable – distributed storage paper
8 Zookeeper – Cooridnation paper
9 Spanner – Globally-distributed db paper
10 Google File System paper
11 Hadoop Distributed File System paper
12 Concurrency Control paper

1.2 Well-Known IT Papers: Algorithm & Protocols

Num Name Summary
1 Consistent Hashing paper
2 Paxos paper

1.3 More Resources

Name Summary
Reference Github: papers-we-love
Reference Website: the morning paper

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