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CheatSheet: Nginx Web Server

CheatSheet: Nginx Web Server

1.1 Basic

Name Command
Reload nginx with zero-downtime nginx -s reload, service nginx reload
Restart nginx service nginx restart
Start a nginx server with container docker run -t -d -p 8080:80 --name nginx-test nginx
Get Nginx version nginx -v
Nginx log /var/log/nginx/
Default document root directory /usr/share/nginx/html
SSL and vhost config directory /etc/nginx/conf.d/
Nginx configuration files /etc/nginx/nginx.conf, /etc/nginx/conf.d/
Redirect http url in nginx Github: Nginx redirect URL
Nginx enable directory listing Github: Nginx enable directory listing
Nginx add password protection to vhost Github: Nginx add password protection

1.2 Advanced

Name Command
Nginx SSL termination  
Nginx support http 2.0  
Test whether nginx website has enabled gzip  

1.3 More Resources

License: Code is licenapt under MIT License.

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