Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

Mac Cheatsheet

Mac Cheatsheet

1.1 Mac Install Packages

Name Comment
Mac install dropbox Link: Download Dropbox
Mac install all basic packages code/
Mac install iterm2 brew cask install iterm2
Mac install jvm Link: Download Java for Mac OS X
Mac install realpath brew install coreutils
Mac install lpass brew install lastpass-cli

1.2 Summary

Name Comment
Customize screenshot location defaults write location ~/Dropbox/Screenshots
Share files across intranet System Preferences -> Sharing -> File Sharing, then \\192.168.XX.XXX
Lock the screen Ctrl + Shift + Power
Swap Cap and Command key Link:

1.3 Fresh Mac Setup

Name Comment
Install packages and configurations code/
Verify installation code/

1.4 Mac Recommended Applications

Name Comment
Monosnap A useful free tool to capture screenshots and videos

1.5 Home Brew Basic

Name Comment
Get brew version brew --version
HomeBrew update brew update
Install big binary brew cask install <package_name>
List all installed casks brew cask list, brew cask help
uninstall big binary brew cask uninstall <package_name>
Upgrade all the casks brew cask upgrade, brew cask upgrade --no-quarantine
Install openjdk brew cask install adoptopenjdk
Install mvn brew install maven
Brew install package with given version brew install python@2
Reference Link: How to Use Homebrew-Cask

1.6 zsh

Name Comment
Partially disable zsh’s auto correction alias vim=’nocorrect vim’ Link: stackoverflow

1.7 Clean & Release disk

Name Comment
Xcode Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData
Trash ~/.Trash, ~/trash

1.8 More Resources

License: Code is licensed under MIT License.


2 DONE FB Mac can’t connect to my airpod: Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes white.

3 DONE Why does my Mac Disconnect my Airpods? -> Bluetooth -> Debug -> Reset the Bluetooth module

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