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Cheatsheet: Linux Internals

Cheatsheet: Linux Internals

1.2 Top 15 Linux Basic Questions

Num Name Summary
1 Thead VS Process Github Link
2 Explain virtual memory Github Link
3 Explain paging and paging fault Github Link
4 Explain inode Github Link
5 Explain how OS schedules processes Github Link
6 Explain linux virtual filesystem Github Link
7 epoll VS poll VS select Github Link
8 Explain spinlock Github Link
9 Explain linux signal Github Link
10 Explain RAID Github Link
11 Explain linux fork  
12 What is /proc directory?  
13 How to solve ssh “Connection refused” errors?  
14 How to daemonize a process?  
15 What are common scenarios of linux kernel panics?  
16 What are coredump and kdump?  
17 Program startup process in userspace Link: Program startup process in userspace
18 What is init program?  

1.3 Explain Top Linux Tooling

Num Name Summary
1 Explain the output of vmstat command Github Link
2 Explain the output of netstat command Github Link
3 Explain the output of free command Github Link
4 Explain the output of top command Github Link
5 Explain the output of sar command system staticstics with sysstat cronjob
6 Explain the output of df command  

1.4 Top 15 Linux Workflow

Num Name Summary
1 What happens, when opening Github Link
2 What happens, when “ls -l *” Github Link. shell, expansion, fork
3 What happens, when “Ctrl + c” in a terminal Github Link. i/o interrupt, SIGINT, sig handler
4 What happens, when “touch a.txt” Github Link
5 What happens, when you press power on button in a server? Github Link. bios, mbr, grub, init, runlevel
6 What happens, when “cat /etc/hosts” Github Link
7 Explain how system call works Github Link
8 Explain hostname to ip address mapping workflow Github Link
9 Explain init.d workflow Github Link
10 Explain how to build a linux release Github Link
11 Explain how kernel schedules process Github Link
12 Explain how kernel read data from disk Github Link
13 Explain how systemtap works Github Link
14 Explain how I/O interrupt works Github Link. Top half, bottom half, interrupt handler
15 Speed up I/O Linux sendfile with zero-copy, mmap: map file to ram

1.5 Linux Trouble Shooting

Num Name Summary
1 Figure out who has logged to server now and previously? w, last, lastb; lastlog; /var/run/*tmp
2 Forget root password. How to reset it? Reset from GRUB or liveCD
3 How does sudo work? Given sudo, why people may need su?  
4 How to close stdin/stdout/stderr of one command some_command </dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1

1.6 More Resources

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