Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

Cheatsheet: Linux Security

Cheatsheet: Linux Security

1.1 Security Concepts

Name Comment
Public key infrastructure(PKI)  
User impersonation A user can act as another user through impersonation headers.
Principal User Identities  
Reference CheatSheet: linux-capabilities, CheatSheet: Kubernetes Security

1.2 Token

Name Comment
token e.g, link: kubeadm token
Static token  
Service Account Token  
OpenID Connect Token  
Bear token In k8s, every service account has a secret with valid Bearer Token
Refresh token  

1.3 Identity Provider Management

Name Comment
htpasswd HTTP basic auth
Client certificates  
Request header  
OpenID connect(OIDC)  
Authenticating proxy  
Authentication webhook Webhook authentication is a hook for verifying bearer tokens
  • Multiple authenticator: Usually the first module to successfully authenticate the request short-circuits evaluation.

1.4 Chmod

Name Comment
Add execute for shell script chmod a+x

1.5 Chown

Name Comment

1.6 Products

Name Comment
AppDefense A data center endpoint security product. Protect applications running in virtualized envs. YouTube link

1.7 AppArmor

Name Comment

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