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Programming Language Implemenetations

Programming Language Implemenetations

1.1 Languages – Source Code

Name Summary
Java JDK Source Code Github: jdk7u-jdk
Golang Source Code Github: go
Python Source Code Github: cpython
Redis Source Code Github: redis
Git Source Code Github: git
Reference Link: Java Concurrency Utilities

1.2 Community Design Proposals

Name Summary
Python Design Proposals Link: Python PEP Index
Kubernetes Design Proposals Github: Kubernetes Enhancement Proposals

1.3 Data Structures

Name Summary
Blocking Queue  
Delayed Queue  
Concurrent Linked Queue Github: jdk7u-jdk/…/concurrent/
Priority Blocking Queue Github: jdk7u-jdk/…/concurrent/
Deque Github: jdk7u-jdk/…/
Garbage Collection  
Concurrent Hash Map  
Sorted Map, Treemap  
Semophore Github: jdk7u-jdk/…/concurrent/
Golang channels  
Binary index tree  
API Rate Limiter  
Bloom filter  
CRDTs (Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types)  

1.4 Functions & Methods

Name Summary
How string contains() method is implemented  
How sqrt method is implemented sqrt(x) = 2**k * sqrt(y) Github: ../sqrt.go, Github: ../esqrt.c
How Thread.sleep() is implemented  
How python enumerate() is implemented?  
How python implements collections.dequeue Doubly-linked list: Github: python/cpython/…/Modules/collections=module.c

1.5 More Resources

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