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Cheatsheet: Kubernetes Concepts & Glossary

Cheatsheet: Kubernetes Concepts & Glossary

1.1 Glossary – Uncommon & Useful

Name Command
Reference Link Link: Standardized Glossary
Cloud Controller Manager The preferred way to integrate Kubernetes with any cloud. Link: Cloud Controller Manager
kube-controller-manager Component on the master that runs controllers. Link: kube-controller-manager
PodPreset An API object that injects information into pods at creation time. Link: PodPreset
Flexvolume Flexvolume is an interface for creating out-of-tree volume plugins. Link: Flexvolume

1.2 Kubernetes Related Concepts

Name Command
Resource Quotas & Limit Range Link: Resource Quotas
Label & Selector  
Resource & Subresource  
Community Upstream & Downstream Downstream: a private code fork. Link: Downstream
Network Policy & Pod Security Policy Link: Network Policy
Pod Security Policy & Security Context Link: Pod Security Policy, Link: Security Context
Replicaset & Replica  
Replicaset & Deployment  

1.3 More Resources

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