Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

CheatSheet: IT Career Path

CheatSheet: IT Career Path

1.1 Common Career Paths

Name Key Value
Engineering in Big Corprotate Long engagement for the project + solid people connections
Switch to management track People + Project management & Conflict management
Join a tech startup as tech leads Can-do attitude + Skills + Luck
Software architect Know tools + domain knowledge + fit business requirements
Tech Community evangelist Model: Jeff Barr in AWS
Tech super star Model: Jeff Dean in Google. Solve tech puzzles that no one else can do
Run own your SaaS business Handson + Bussiness Vision
Engineering to pre-sale Understand tech quickly + design solutions for customers
Switch to non-IT industries  
Reference CheatSheet: IT Career Path, Cheatsheet: IT Communication, Cheatsheet: Opensource

1.2 Path – Tech Community

Name Comment

1.3 Common Thinking Process

Name Comment
Separate concerns Developer Effciency VS Business Value

1.4 More Resources

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