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CheatSheet: IT Infrastructure Fundamentals

CheatSheet: IT Infrastructure Fundamentals

1.1 Basic Concepts

Name Command
Reference VMware CheatSheet, IBM CheatSheet, Cloudfoundry CheatSheet
Domains SDDC, Hybrid Cloud Computing, End-User Computing(EUC)
SDDC(Software designed data center) Compute, Storage and Availablity, Network and Security, Cloud Management and Automation
VMware vMotion Live Migration of Virtual Machines
DRS(Distributed Resource Scheduler)  
NUMA(Non-uniform memory access)  
VMware vmdk a file format describes containers for virtual hard disk drives to be used by VMware
Greenfield vs Brownfield Brownfield Development happens when improving an existing application
Hyper Converged Infrastructure all-in-one virtualization solutions that integrate compute and software-defined storage
Airgap deployment Electrically disconnected (with a conceptual air gap) from all other networks
Co-located To locate or be located at the same env
Separation of concerns Different roles have different focus or use cases
Thin Provisioning  
Static Provisioning  
Turnkey Solution  
Lifecycle Management  
Operational Efficiency  
Developer Productivity  
Conformance and Compatibility  
Trial-and-error methods  
Feature toggle  
Data breach  
Bootstrap issue  
Storage locality  
Fault domain  
Operational responsibility  

1.2 Operations Per Stages

Name Command
Day 0 Install
Day 1 Configure & Operate
Day 2 Optimize, Compliance
Reference Link: VMware infrastructure


1.3 Common Thinking Workflow/Questions

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How often customers may bump into the issues/slowness?  
Newly created clusters vs existing clusters?  
I know the issue, but is now the good timing to solve it?  
What if XXX get compromised?  
When the errors happen? In provision; After provision; During upgrade
Normal path works; Customization won’t work  
Whether customers are easy to maintain?  

1.4 More Resources

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