Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

Cheatsheet: Maintain A House In US

Cheatsheet: Maintain A House In US

1.1 Regular Maintenance

Name Summary
Deep cleaning for Kitchen floor Monthly
Deep cleaning for restroom Monthly
For each restroom refill toliet paper, hand soap Monthly
Wash hot pot kettle Monthly
Examine the leaves of trees and plants Monthly
Mow the lawn Monthly
Wash the slippers Monthly
Clean kitchen sink with soda+vinegar+hot water Quarterly
Clean washing machine Quarterly
Clean dish machine Quarterly
Level and overseed the lawn Annually
Clean leaves and dirts from gutters on the roof Annually
Change heater filter Annually
Check for the crack in the walls or foundations Annually
Spray home for pest control Annually

1.2 Appliance Maintenance

Name Summary
Dish washer  
AC(air conditioner)  
Kitchen Faucet is leaking YouTube: How to Repair a Leaking Faucet
Kitchen sink is leaking  
Toilet is leaking YouTube: How to Repair a Leaking Toilet

1.3 Smart Home

Name Summary
Philips Hue  
Amazon Echo 3rd generation  
Ring Alarm Base station, keypad, motion detector, contact sensor, range extender
Ring Alarm Motion Sensor  
Ring Alarm range extender Help to make sure devices communicate well with base station

1.5 Floors & Wall

Name Summary
Roof Gutter YouTube: How to Repair a Leaky Gutter
Wood Floors is squeaky YouTube: Repair Squeaky Wood Floors
Wood Floor is chipped YouTube: How to Patch a Chipped Wood Floor
Patch a Hole YouTube: How to Patch a Hole in Wood Trim
Side wall is leaking  
Tree branches overhanging the roof  
Reference YouTube: Repair a Crack

1.7 More Resources

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