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Cheatsheet: Kubernetes Helm

Cheatsheet: Kubernetes Helm

1.1 Helm Basic

Name Command
Install helm brew install kubernetes-helm
Download dependencies helm dependency build
Rendering template to yaml helm template -n my-namespace --namespace my-namespace
helm data file ~/.helm/cache/archive
  helm init
  helm list, helm list -a
  helm repo update
  helm install stable/mysql
  helm install --name mysql-release stable/mysql
  helm inspect stable/mysql
  helm status $=helm_name
  helm delete $=helm_name
  helm delete --purge $=helm_name

1.2 Helm Component

Name Command
Helm Client. A chart manager.
tiller Server. Helm server manages releases (installations) of your charts.
Charts packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources.
Release a collection of Kubernetes resources deployed to the cluster using Helm.

1.3 More Resources

License: Code is licensed under MIT License.


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