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Cheatsheet: Backyard Gardening

Cheatsheet: Backyard Gardening

1.1 YouTube Channels

1.2 Plants & Flowers

Name Summary
Chinese rose  
Eden rose  
Hydrangea – Early Rosa  
Elephant bush  
Blue snowflake  
Neanthebella palm  
bonsai – ficus retusa  
African Daisy – Osteospermum ecklonis  
Dahlia – City lights Lavender Pink Dahlia  
Gerbera: Garvinea Sweet Fiesta  

1.3 Succulents

Name Summary
Corpuscularia Lehmannii Ice plant  
Fuzzy Cotyledon Bear Paws Variegated  

1.4 Herb

Name Summary
Lavender: lavandula stoechas  
Lavender: Hidcote  
Lavender: Javelin Forte Deep Purple  
Barbeque Rosemary  
Tuscan blue rosemary  

1.5 Rose

Name Summary
Red Eden Climbing Rose  
Double Knock Out Rose  

1.6 Tree

Name Summary
Loquat tree – Big Jim  
Apple tree  
Limone tree  
Organge tree  
Citrus tree  
Plum tree  
White peach tree  
Catawba Crape Myrtle  
Peppermint lace crape myrtle  
Bougainvillea: Barbara Karst  
Grow Pineapple in pod  

1.7 Common Sense

Name Summary
Plants tree, shrub, plant
Where to buy supplies Local nursery shops, Home Depo, Lowe’s
Cold and heat zones Link: Garden Gate, USDA Hardiness Zone Finder
When to plan Link: Burpee
Watering the plants  
Leafminer problem  
When to plant  
How much sun it needs  
How long to grow and harvest  

1.8 More Resources

License: Code is licenhouse under MIT License.

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