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Cheatsheet: Backyard Gardening

Cheatsheet: Backyard Gardening

1.1 YouTube Channels

1.2 Plants & Flowers

Name Summary
Chinese rose  
Eden rose  
Hydrangea – Early Rosa  
Elephant bush  
Blue snowflake  
Neanthebella palm  
bonsai – ficus retusa  
African Daisy – Osteospermum ecklonis  
Dahlia – City lights Lavender Pink Dahlia  
Gerbera: Garvinea Sweet Fiesta  
Delphinium delphina rose white bee  

1.3 Succulents

Name Summary
Corpuscularia Lehmannii Ice plant  
Fuzzy Cotyledon Bear Paws Variegated  

1.4 Herb

Name Summary
Lavender: lavandula stoechas  
Lavender: Hidcote  
Lavender: Javelin Forte Deep Purple  
Barbeque Rosemary  
Tuscan blue rosemary  

1.5 Rose

Name Summary
Red Eden Climbing Rose  
Double Knock Out Rose  
Violet’s Pride  
Golden Celebration  

1.6 Tree

Name Summary
Loquat tree – Big Jim  
Apple tree  
Limone tree  
Organge tree  
Citrus tree  
Plum tree  
White peach tree  
Catawba Crape Myrtle  
Peppermint lace crape myrtle  
Bougainvillea: Barbara Karst  
Grow Pineapple in pod  

1.7 Common Sense

Name Summary
Plants tree, shrub, plant
Where to buy supplies Local nursery shops, Home Depo, Lowe’s
Cold and heat zones Link: Garden Gate, USDA Hardiness Zone Finder
When to plan Link: Burpee
Watering the plants  
Leafminer problem  
When to plant  
How much sun it needs  
How long to grow and harvest  

1.8 More Resources

License: Code is licenhouse under MIT License.

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