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|                                             |
|          Sequence                           |
|  ______   ________________________________  |
| |      | |                                | |
| | List | |             Array              | |
| |      | |    ________       ________     | |
| |______| |   |        |     |        |    | |
|          |   | Vector |     | String |    | |
|          |   |________|     |________|    | |
|          |  ____________   _____________  | |
|          | |            | |             | | |
|          | | Char-table | | Bool-vector | | |
|          | |____________| |_____________| | |
|          |________________________________| |

1.1 Features

1.1.1 View In Emacs

Name Comment
Move forward across one balanced expression forward-sexp C-M-f
Move backward across one balanced expression backward-sexp C-M-b

1.1.2 Org-mode export Latex

Name Comment
Make page size bigger #+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage[margin=0.5in]{geometry} Link: stackexchange
Change document class #+LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [a4paper] Link: stackexchange
Add the date of today #+LATEX_HEADER: \rhead{Updated: \today} Link: stackexchange
Add page number with total pages #+LATEX_HEADER: \rfoot{\thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}}

1.1.3 Buffer Operations

Name Comment
Move to top (goto-char (point-min))
Replace string by regexp buffer-replace.el
Delete region (delete-region start-pos end-pos)
Buffer string with plain text (buffer-substring-no-properties start-pos end-pos)
  (get-buffer-create BUFFER-OR-NAME)
  (set-buffer BUFFER-OR-NAME)
  (set-buffer-modified-p nil)

1.1.4 GNUS – Mail In Emacs

Name Comment
Create delayed email gnus-delay-article C-c C-j
Save mail’s attachment gnus-summary-save-parts
Forward mail gnus-summary-mail-forward
Send gnus drafts gnus-draft-send-message
Send all the sendable drafts gnus-draft-send-all-messages
Add attachment mml-attach-file(C-c C-m f)
Create group gnus-group-make-group (G m)

1.1.5 Table in Org-mode

#+NAME: supplies
| Date       | Category         | Amount |
| 2014/01/14 | Supplies         |  43.97 |
| 2014/02/15 | Supplies         |  56.48 |
| 2014/02/11 | Book             |  17.99 |
| 2014/06/10 | Kinesis Keyboard | 289.16 |
| 2014/08/23 | Printer          |  99.96 |
| 2014/08/30 | Supplies         |  58.26 |
| 2014/08/22 | Books            |  18.99 |
| 2014/08/25 | Books            |   7.50 |
| 2014/09/15 | Books            |  21.49 |
| 2014/12/31 | Toner Service    | :=24.95*4 |
|            | Total:           |        |
#+TBLFM: @>$3=vsum(@2..@-1);%.2f

1.2 Data Structures

1.2.1 Debug

Name Comment
Debug a function edebug-defun
Change function via advice defadvice ;; Super inspiring feature!
Set default value (setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil)

1.2.2 String

Name Comment
string1 contains string2 (string-match ".*" buffer-file-truename)
Replace by regexp (setq ret (replace-regexp-in-string "<hr/>" "" ret))
Format string (format "%s/%s" mywordpress-server-url blog-uri)
String replace (replace-string from-string to-string &optional start end)
Replace by regexp (replace-regexp REGEXP TO-STRING &optional DELIMITED START END)
replace-match (while (search-forward-regexp "myRegexPattern" nil t) (replace-match "myRepStr"))
The second captured string (match-string 2)
Get the position of the 2nd captured string (match-beginning 2) (match-end 2)
List matched count (setq myStr (replace-regexp-in-string "myRegex1" "myRep1" myStr)) (count-matches "\n")
Grab the start and end positions of a word (setq myBoundaries (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'word))
  (setq myStr (buffer-substring myStartPos myEndPos))
  (setq myStr (buffer-substring-no-properties myStartPos myEndPos))

1.2.3 Regexp

Name Comment
Regexp In Emacs regexp-string-match.el
Change a given string using regex (replace-regexp-in-string "^ +" "" url)
Seach regexp in some string (string-match myRegex myStr)
Get captured match (match-string 1 myStr)
Escape special characters (regexp-quote "^")
  (regexp-opt '=("hello" "world"))=

1.2.4 Intger

Name Comment
String to int (string-to-number STRING &optional BASE)
Check whether it’s int (integerp 23)
decimal to hex (format "%x" 10)
hex to decimal (format "%d" #xa)

1.2.5 Array & List

Name Comment
Get the first element (car mylist)
Get the nth element (nth n mylist)
Get the last element (car (last mylist))
Get the 2nd to the last elements (cdr mylist)
Get the nth to the last elements (nthcdr n mylist)
Similar to (car (car value)) (caar value)
Similar to (cdr (car value)) (cdar value)
Return the cdr of the cdr of X. (cddr X)

1.2.6 Array & List – More

Name Comment
Create a list (defvar my-list (list "item1, item2"))
Add item to list (add-to-list 'my-list "item3")
Head of a list (car '(a b c))
Tail of a list (cdr '(a b c))
Loop a list (dolist (item my-list) (message item))
Concat two lists (nconc '("a" "b" "c") '("d" "e" "f")) link
Return a newly created list (list x)
Append x to the head of a list (cons x mylist)
Append without duplication (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.gp$" . gnuplot-mode))
Add ELEMENT if missing (add-to-list LIST-VAR ELEMENT &optional APPEND COMPARE-FN)

1.2.7 Position

Name Comment
Return character at position (char-after (point))
Return character preceding position (char-before (point))
  (setq myStr (thing-at-point 'word))
  (setq myStr (thing-at-point 'symbol))
  (setq myStr (thing-at-point 'line))

1.2.8 Insert text

Name Comment
Insert string (insert "hello world")
  (insert-buffer-substring buffer &optional start end)
  (insert-buffer-substring-no-properties buffer &optional start end)
  (insert-file-contents myPath)
  (insert-file-contents-literally filename &optional visit beg end replace)

1.2.9 Delete text

Name Comment
  (delete-char 9)
  (delete-region myStartPos myEndPos)
  (upcase obj)
  (upcase-word n)
  (upcase-region beg end)
  (upcase-initials obj)
  (upcase-initials-region beg end)
  (capitalize obj)
  (capitalize-word n)
  (capitalize-region beg end)
  (downcase-word n)
  (downcase-region beg end)

1.2.10 DateTime

Name Comment
Convert time to string (format-time-string "<%Y-%m-%d %H:%M UTC +8>" (current-time))
Get current time (current-time)
Add some offset for a time (time-add time (seconds-to-time seconds))
Subtract two time values (time-subtract after-init-time before-init-time)
Get second count (float-time (time-subtract after-init-time before-init-time))
Return date as a list (mm/dd/yyyy) calendar-current-date
  (calendar-extract-month date)
m1 will be changed (calendar-increment-month m1 y1 -1)
  (calendar-date-compare '((12 27 2012)) '((12 26 2012)))

1.2.11 Hook

Name Comment
Add hook (add-hook 'myhook '(lambda () (insert "fun1 was called ")))
Run each hook in myhook (run-hooks 'myhook)

1.2.12 Files

Name Comment
Open file (find-file html-file)
Save file (write-file html-file nil)
Get short filename (file-name-nondirectory somefilename)
Get the directory name from filename (file-name-directory FILENAME)
Check file/directories existence (file-exists-p bfilename)
Insert contents of file FILENAME after point (insert-file-contents somefilename)
Return FILENAME’s final “extension” (file-name-extension "test.erl")
Return FILENAME sans final “extension” (file-name-sans-extension "test.erl")
Return a list of names of files in DIRECTORY (directory-files DIRECTORY &optional FULL MATCH NOSORT)
Insert contents of file FILENAME after point (insert-file-contents FILENAME &optional VISIT BEG END REPLACE)
Confirm directory exists (file-directory-p FILENAME)
Create directory (make-directory "~/.emacs.d/autosaves/" t)
Find files by name (find-dired "../" "-name defined.hrl")
read file content into a string (setq dddstring (with-temp-buffer (insert-file-contents "dd.txt")=(buffer-string)))

1.3 More Resources

License: Code is licensed under MIT License.


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