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ElasticSearch Cheatsheet

ElasticSearch Cheatsheet

1.1 Elasticsearch Summary

Name Command
elasticsearch-head[1] A web tool: $esip:$esport/plugin/head/
elasticdump Import and export tools
Get cluster health $es_ip:$es_port/_cluster/health?pretty
Get cluster setting $es_ip:$es_port/_cluster/settings?v
Get Index Setting $es_ip:$es_port/$es_name/_settings?v
List Nodes $es_ip:$es_port/_cat/nodes?v
List shards $es_ip:$es_port/_cat/shards?v
List indices $es_ip:$es_port/_cat/indices?v
Get allocation $es_ip:$es_port/_cat/allocation?v
Get Version $es_ip:$es_port
Version By CLI bin/elasticsearch --version
Indice Summary $es_ip:$es_port/$index/_count?pretty
Indice Stats $es_ip:$es_port/$index/_stats?pretty
Get all docs $es_ip:$es_port/$index/_search?pretty
Full Text Search $es_ip:$es_port/$index/_search?q=50
Search By field $es_ip:$es_port/$index/_search?q=f1:50
Search By 2 fields $esip:$esport/$index/search?q=”f1:v1&f2=v2″

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