Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

Cheatsheet: IT Document Template

Cheatsheet: IT Document Template

1.1 Documents

Name Comment
Weekly Status Update  
Cross-team communication  
Design doc  
Tasks chore, spikes, epics

1.2 Encourage team members to contribute

Name Comment
Feel free to fix the docs  
Mind filing a ticket to track this?  

1.3 Meeting English

Name Comment
When people take conversation offline Please socialize the outcome
Track tasks & issues Can you open up a ticket, so that we don't lose track of it?
Delay the answer Yeah, I'm trying to think
Delay the answer We take the question offline
Ask feedback for your proposal Does that make sense so far?
Start meeting without waiting everyone I think we have a quorum. Let's start
Feel free to interrupt me anytime  
I have a question, if everyone is OK  

1.4 Review Pull Requests

Name Comment
Ask people to review PR Can I get reviews for https…
Ask people to review PR Can we have eyes on https…
Ask people to review PR https://… is passing CI. And I’d appreciate a review. cc XXX
DRY (Don’t repeat yourself)  
Echo the comment from @XXX  

1.5 Report Tickets

Name Comment
Not sure about ticket duplication Let me know if this is a separate issue
  Thanks for the historical context
Not sure valid ticket Before I open a bug, I wanted to ask the channel

1.6 Leave a conversation

Name Comment
I’m gonna step away from this. I think it’s clear what’s wrong here  
I’m stepping away from this for now. Still not sure what happened here.  

1.7 Start a conversation

Name Comment
Hey XXX – I’m not quite sure who to ask about this, so I thought I might start with you.  

1.8 Misc

Name Comment
home-grown approaches  
Sorry for off-topic  
Fix intermittent failures  

1.9 More Resources

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