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Cheatsheet: Linux Crontab

Cheatsheet: Linux Crontab

1.1 Cron job – create

Name Comment
Create cron job runs every 5 mins */5 * * * * /root/
Runs every Friday at 9:10 AM 10 9 * * 5 /root/
Runs every midnight 0 0 * * * /root/
Redirect output to log file 0 0 * * * /root/ >>/var/log/mycron.log 2>&1
Install crontab by script Put file to /etc/cron.d. Remember to set env

1.2 Cron job – common

Name Comment
Find crontab daemon process pgrep crond
List cron jobs created by automation ls -lth /etc/cron*
List cron jobs created by me crontab -l
Changing default crontab editor export EDITOR=vim, export VISUAL=”nano”

1.3 At

Name Comment
List all currently-queued at jobs atq
Remove a job atrm $jobid

1.4 Shutdown

Name Comment
Shutdown system now shutdown -r now
Shutdown system in 5 mins shutdown -r +5

1.5 More Resources

License: Code is licencron under MIT License.

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