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CheatSheet: Container Compliance

CheatSheet: Container Compliance

1.1 Compliance Scan Tools

Name Comment
Clair Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers
Dive A tool for exploring each layer in a docker image
Tern Open Source compliance for containers from VMware

1.2 Terminology

Name Comment
OSS Open Source Software
OSS/TP Open Source Software/Third Party
CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
OSM Open-source & Security Manager System
OSL Open Source License file
ODP Open source Disclosure Package
SBR Source, Build and Replace

1.3 Common Docker Registry

Name Comment
Docker hub  
Google container registry  
Self-maintained registry JFrog, Nexus

1.4 Docker Scan

Name Comment
Detect wasted space in docker image via dive dive <docker_tag>, dive golang:1.12
Analysis of the dockerfile is manual  

1.5 Container Compliance Principles

Name Comment
Avoid pulling from external sources Need to mirror the repo for apt-get, wget, etc
Avoid using un-versioned packages Reproducibility
Choose container base images No authroized or insecured base images
Avoid installing package with latest version Insecure because the process is not reproducible
Build from source code Good for the overall goverance
Pin the package version Make the build re-entrant and stable
In Dockerfile, use COPY, instead of ADD  

1.6 More Resources

License: Code is licensed under MIT License.


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