Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

Cloudfoundry Cheatsheet

Cloudfoundry Cheatsheet

1.1 Cloudfoundry

Name Command
PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry) Accelerates and streamlines software development for cloud-native and legacy applications
Pivotal Labs Consulting by implementing modern agile development practices
PAS (Pivotal Application Service) On-prem PAAS solution for enterprise users
PKS (Pivotal Container Service) Kubernetes solution for enterprise users
PFS (Pivotal Function Service) Pivotal Function Service for serverless
diego Container management system, similar to kubernetes
Cloud foundry bosh VM lifecycle management. Bosh CheatSheet
Concourse CI/CD tool Concourse CheatSheet
UAA Authentication & Authorization. UAA CheatSheet
Cloudfoundry Tile & OpsManager Tile CheatSheet

1.2 More Resources

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