Using CheatSheets To Apply Best Practices

CheatSheet: Managing Bias

CheatSheet: Managing Bias

1.1 Basic

Name Comment
Unconcious Bias  
Performance Bias  
Performance Attribution Bias  
Women leadership Bias  
Maternal Bias People tend to believe mothers can’t be good employees
Affinity Bias Preference for people with the same qualities with you

1.2 Principle

Name Comment
Fight against your personal self-perception  
Be inclusive  
Be open to different ways  
Confirm, before making assumptions for others e.g he/she can’t do it, or won’t be willing to take it
Notice Bias and point it out Then people can re-think and counteract it

1.3 Reduce Bias On Meetings

Name Comment
Send out agenda before meeting All different people can be prepared. Send ideas beforehand
Make sure everyone has the chance to speak Use pause and, avoid cut off people’s talking
Rotate the logistic housework e.g, note-taking, follow-ups

1.4 More Resources

License: Code is licenbias under MIT License.

2 Become ware of your first impressions

Name it:
Take a mental note of the words that describe your first impression the next time your meet some

Notice it

Point it out

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