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CheatSheet: Behavior Questions For Coder Interview

CheatSheet: Behavior Questions For Coder Interview


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  • Behavioral Interview is about you and your history, your resume, and your motivation.

1.2 Top 15 Behavior Questions

Num Name Link
1 [Intro] Tell me about yourself? Github Link
2 [Goal] Why you want to change your job? Github Link
3 [Challenge] Tell me the most challenging project which you done? Github Link
4 [Conflict] How do you resolve conflicts with your manager/teammates? Github Link
5 [Closing] Do you have some question for me or this position? Github Link
6 [Experience] Tell me a project which you have failed Github Link
7 [Failure] How do you handle missing a deadline or project delay? Github Link
8 [Goal] Why XX company? Why this position? Github Link
9 [Failure] Tell me a time you messed up/ took at risk / failed / feel frustrated? Github Link
10 [Ambiguity] Tell me a time you had to make a decision without data. Github Link
11 [Experience] What areas are your technical strength? Github Link
12 [Experience] Tell me a time you step outside of your job scope and solved a problem Github Link
13 [Experience] Tell me about a time you received negative feedback from your manager Github Link
14 Describe your favorite manager/ team worker.  
15 Tell me a time that you have to earn trust/gain buy-in from another group  
16 Tell us about a time you were given feedback that made you change your strategy  
17 Tell me about a time you decided to take on a project instead of being assigned to you  
18 Tell me about a project that went beyond your scope of work.  
19 What if you will do, if you think your manager is not fair.  
20 What if people take your credits?  

1.3 Category Of Behavior Questions

Num Example
1 Background: Make sure overall it’s a mutual fit
2 Collaboration: Interpersonal skills
3 Conflict: Deal with conflicts
4 Ambiguity: Deliver in spite of uncertainty
5 Customer Facing: customers first
6 Experience: Examine relevant industry project experience

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