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CheatSheet: Amazon AWS

CheatSheet: Amazon AWS

1.1 AWS CLI Basic

Name Summary
List all used resources in all regions Github: List all resources
Install aws cli pip install awscli, aws help
Load aws cli profile aws configure
List regions aws ec2 describe-regions
List instances aws ec2 describe-instances
AWS CLI config files ~/.aws/credentials, ~/.aws/config
Reference Github: awslabs/aws-shell

1.2 AWS EC2

Name Summary
List images by amazon aws ec2 describe-images, aws ec2 describe-images --owners self amazon
Run a new instance aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-c3b8d6aa --count 1 --key-name mykey


Name Summary
List hosted zones aws route53 list-hosted-zones
List hosted zone by name aws route53 list-hosted-zones-by-name --dns-name
List DNS records by hosted zone aws route53 list-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id "/hostedzone/XXX"


Name Summary
Delete Route53 zone From ECS Use aws cli

1.5 AWS Products – Fundamental

Name Summary
AWS EC2 Virtual servers
AWS EKS Kubernetes services in AWS
AWS ECS Docker container service with orchestrated by AWS itself.
AWS EBS Block storage
AWS S3 Object storage
AWS RDS Relational Database: e.g, mysql
AWS VPC Virtual private cloud: provides networking isolation
AWS ELB Load balancer
AWS CloudWatch Monitoring
AWS CloudFormation Create AWS infra in a programming way
AWS Lambda Function as a service
AWS Machine Learning Build Smart Applications Quickly and Easily
AWS Outposts Run AWS infrastructure on-premises. And it’s fully managed and supported by AWS
Reference Link: check AWS availability, Link: AWS products

1.6 AWS Products – Big Data

Name Summary
AWS Kinesis Real-time processing of streaming Big Data
AWS Redshift PB-scale Data Warehouse
AWS DynamoDB DynamoDB NoSQL DB service from AWS
AWS EMR Managed Hadoop Framework
AWS CloudSearch Managed Search Service. e.g, elasticsearch

1.7 AWS Products – Orchestration

Name Summary
AWS Step functions Orachestration for serverless workflows
AWS SQS Queue Service
AWS SNS Notification Service
AWS OpsWorks Configuration management service. e.g, chef, puppet
AWS Beanstalk Enable you to easily deploy and manage your application in the cloud.
AWS CodeDeploy Automated Deployments
AWS SWF Workflow Service for Coordinating Application Components
AWS Data Pipeline Orchestration for Data-Driven Workflows

1.8 AWS Products – Enterprise

Name Summary
AWS WorkSpaces Desktops in the Cloud
AWS WorkDocs Secure Enterprise Storage and Sharing Service. e.g, Office 365, google doc
AWS WorkMail Secure Email and Calendaring Service. e.g, gmail and google calendar

1.9 AWS Products – Mobile

Name Summary
AWS Cognito User Identity and App Data Synchronization
AWS Mobile Analytics Mobile usage data analysis
AWS AppStream Low Latency Application Streaming. e.g, video watching

1.10 AWS Products – More

Name Summary
AWS ElasticCache Caching service. e.g, memcache, redis.
AWS Route53 DNS
AWS CloudFront CDN
AWS CloudHSM Hardware Security Module
AWS CloudTrail User Activity and Change Tracking
AWS SES Send emails
AWS Glacier Archive storage. Backend by tape
AWS CodeCommit Host Git repos
AWS Import/Export Import your on-prem VMs to AWS public cloud
AWS DevPay Online billing service
AWS AutoScaling Monitor your applications, then scale out or scale in
AWS Lightsail VPS. More raw than EC2
AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Network Connection to AWS
AWS Lex Conversational interfaces for your applications

1.11 AWS VPC

Name Summary
IGW(Internet gateway) An Internet gateway enables your instances to connect to the Internet
VPG(Virtual Private Gateway) The Amazon VPC side of a VPN Connection
NAT Gateway Enable instances in a private subnet to connect to the internet or other AWS services
Customer Gateway Your side of a VPN Connection
NAT NAT maps multiple private IP addresses to a single public IP address.
NAT Instance EC2 instances provide Port Address Translation for non-EIP instances to access Internet via IGW
Router Routers interconnect subnets and direct traffic between IGW, VPG, NAT instances and Subnets
Subnet A segment of a VPC’s IP address range where you can place groups of isolated resources
VPC Peering A networking connection between two VPCs enable traffic by private IP
ClassicLink Allow you to link an EC2-Classic instance to a VPC in your account, within the same region

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