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Cheatsheet: Amazon Alexa/Echo

Cheatsheet: Amazon Alexa/Echo

1.1 Basic

Name Command
Use alexa echo dot as bluetooth speaker Link: Pair Your Mobile Device with Echo Dot
Alexa For Task Reminds Alexa, remind me to do laundry in 5 minutes
Alexa For iRobot  
YouTube 8 Everyday Alexa Skills

1.2 Alexa Play Music

Name Command
Play music for a scenario Alexa, play a music for road trip
Play music with category Alexa, play a soft music
Sas music Alexa, play a sasa music
Play next song Alexa, next
Reference Link: 9 Alexa tips for music lovers

1.3 More Resources

License: Code is licenhealth under MIT License.

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